Cohasset Simple Lace Bamboo Windchime - Large

Cohasset Simple Lace Bamboo Windchime - Large

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NOTE: A chime being larger or smaller than anticipated is the primary reason for returns. Please reference the size specifications below to avoid surprises. Chime length refers to the overall length of the chime, not the tube length.

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The large Lace Bamboo Wind Chime is from the Cohasset Simple Collection. This chime features a coconut top with six bamboo tubes with a beautiful lacey design. Perfect for someone who is looking for a simple bamboo chime that provides mellow and soothing relaxing tones.

Each piece is individually hand-carved and crafted. Non-endangered wood and bamboo are used to make these instruments of nature. Cohasset tests the sound of each tube, thereby ensuring that the sound of each bamboo chime is as good as they look. By hand-toning each tube and selecting a range of sizes, each bamboo chime produces a unique melody.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bamboo chimes are made from natural materials. Every chime is unique and has imperfections. Additionally, hairline and small cracks often develop as bamboo expands and contracts. These cracks are normal and will not affect the sound of the chime. You may visit our Cracks With Bamboo Wind Chimes page for additional information and illustration. Cracks and routine imperfections are not considered a defect, even when the chime is brand new.

  • Dimensions: 45 in. Overall Length (How chime length is measured)
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Materials: 6 bamboo tubes, hand-carved. Hand-carved coconut top.


Average Customer Rating 5.0 5 stars (based on 11 reviews)

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By Frank
From Wallingford, CT
5 stars Surprisingly pleasant
This was a gift for my spouse. At first, I was hesitant to get it. I didn't know what to expect. We have a couple of other times in our backyard (all from this company) and I was worried that all the sounds would combine and just be noise. I am happy to say, I was really wrong! Each sound is so unique and pleasant. Each chime isn't a different location on our decks, they seldom go off at the same time but when they do, it's really beautiful. I was especially surprised with the bamboo chime. The tone and distinct sound is very pleasant and relaxing.
By Antonio
From Largo, FL
5 stars Even better!
I am a fan of my pelican bamboo chime, but this has a better sound! This makes my backyard sound coastal.When that breeze disturbs it, it creates a calming sound. Both the pelican and this one are worth the purchase.
By Barb
From Myrtle Creek, OR
5 stars Pretty, nice sound
This is a gift for my brother, his broke years ago so he will be happy to get this one, looks to be well made
By Lynne
From Pine, AZ
5 stars friend loved it!
I bought this particular wind chime because of its beautiful tone as a gift for a friend, and she really loves the chime. I will be doing more business with you. Thank you so much for the well wrapped packaging.
By Sandra
From Boca Raton, FL
5 stars Beautifully Crafted Wind Chime
I bought 2 wind chimes and they are both beautifully made. I am pleasantly surprised by the size which is bigger than I expected. The sound of the bamboo in the wind is very nice. I very rarely take the time to write reviews but the customer service has been wonderful to deal with and I cannot recommend this company enough. Upon delivery I noticed that one of the chimes had a broken canopy and they sent a replacement right away. I will definitively buy from them again. These chimes make wonderful gifts.
By Stephanie
From Wisconsin Rapids, WI
5 stars Beautiful Sound
The sound clips for how the chime sounded is what brought me to buy from this site. I'm sound sensitive and needed something low and soothing. It sounds exactly like the sound clip and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
By Cicci
From New Orleans, LA
5 stars Beautiful in appearance and sound.
The deeper sounds produced by this chime are beautiful. The chime sports attractive detailing on the individual pieces, which was a nice surprise.
By Beatrice
From Corpus Christi, TX
5 stars Awesome Bamboo Windchime!
The Cohasset Simple Lace Bamboo Windchime I ordered is beautifully crafted and has a wonderful deep sound. Ordered the large which is a perfect size and looks exactly as pictured on the website. Live in a very windy coastal city so my family and I are enjoying the daily soothing sound of our new wind chime. My husband and I absolutely love it!!
By Greg
From Wilmington, NC
5 stars Pleasantly surprised on how good sounding this little guy is
These are well built and the sound is a great addition to my bells and chimes. Very happy with this choice.
By Donald
From Lancaster, CA
Delivered as promised. In fine shape, and very deep vocal sounds with the light breezes. Located on one end of the patio, for soothing the resting family.


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