Woodstock Bells of Paradise-Large

Woodstock Bells of Paradise-Large

Bells of Paradise Chime - Large
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This Woodstock Bells of Paradise large wind chime offers an elegantly wonderful tone and sustained resonance.

Based on an ancient system, our Bells of Paradise Wind Chimes are tuned with what is known as just intonation. The frequencies at which the different tubes vibrate are related to one another by simple whole-number ratios. Tones that are related in this way produce the purest, most beautiful musical intervals. The elegant look and evocative sound of this chime will deeply satisfy your longing for paradise. Made of aluminum tubes which are specially-suspended, these chimes resonate longer than other wind chimes, bathing you in enduring harmony every time the wind blows.

Hang this chime in your home or yard and enjoy the sounds of paradise right where you are.



Average Customer Rating 4.9 5 stars (based on 47 reviews)

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By Kelly
From Louisville, KY
5 stars Windchimes
Very satisfied with the purchase, the windchimes are of a very good quality, they produce a sound that is pleasing and enjoyable.
By Lee
From Lakeland, TN
5 stars Beautiful, relaxing melody
Arrived very quickly, well packaged. Hung the chimes off a pergola. Love the sound, very relaxing. Worth every penny and would highly recommend.
By Dino
From Oceanside, CA
5 stars Relaxing Sound
The Woodstock Bells of Paradise came in nicely packaged and on time. The construction of this wind chime is robust and the deep tones of the chime's tubes are very relaxing. The wind catcher of the chimes catches the slight breeze thereby moving the clapper to sound the tubes more frequently. The tube itself vibrates or resonates for a longer period of time giving a more sustained and pleasing sound.
By Tia
From Monett, MO
5 stars Such sweet sounds!
Heavy duty and nicely tuned. These were the perfect addition to our back deck. Well done!!!
By Charlotte
From Pittsburgh, PA
5 stars Glorious sound!
After my old wind chime which was a gift from my daughter conked out I decided to get a really good set that I would love. I listened to many of them online (thank you for that!) and decided on the Woodstock Bells of Paradise and they are exactly what I wanted. I love them, my husband does, too and even my close next door neighbor does! They are a bit loud so I was afraid my neighbor would not be thrilled. They like them and I look forward to enjoying them for the rest of my life. They are VERY sturdy and well made and, as a singer/musician I love the fact that they are tuned!
By Bryan
From Dallas, GA
5 stars Woodstock Bells of Paradise -
Absolutely love the sound that this wind chime produces. It accents with the other chimes that I have.
By steve
From varna, IL, IL
5 stars Great Product.
Great product. Looks and sound wonderful. I had a problem because I wanted to put it up immediately, but I couldn't because it is for Christmas. Good quality and worth every penny.
5 stars WIND CHIME
Gave as gift. Well received, pleasant sound.
By Joyce
From Blanco, TX
5 stars Windchimes
I received exactly what I ordered! I AM very pleased with the wood stock chimes. I will most likely purchase again from EwatherShack!
By Virginia
From Laguna Beach, CA
5 stars Gorgeous chimes
Such deep resonating sounds, and a great price. thanks!


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