About Cohasset Chimes

Dick Perkins - The Talent Behind the Design of the "Original" Cohasset Chime

Cohasset started in 1994 when Dick Perkins, traveled to Bali to source kites. After numerous years of selling kites he started importing bamboo wind chimes. Cohasset still uses today the same Balinese agent that Dick met on a beach when his chime business first started. Dick's daugther and son-in-law, Greg and Diane took over the business in 2000. However, Dick is still involved with the company he originally began. Greg and Diane have traveled to Bali for more than 15 years and still work with many of the original family artist that make their products. Often when new ideas are being produced they will spend days working with these families, sharing ideas until they have the perfect prototype.

Cohasset's original bamboo wind chimes are made from bamboo that is specially cultivated for its acoustical properties. Fast growing and easily sustainable stalks are harvested and then sun dried to reduce their water content. After achieving the ideal moisture content they are cut to length and then each piece is hand tuned to a gentle sound.

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